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Located in the German capital, CleanImplant conducts objective periodical analysis of the production quality of dental implants, by using accredited laboratories according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, based on a defined protocol. Research to determine the consequences and clinical relevance of avoidable contamination and quality deficiencies in dental implants, are promoted and commissioned in collaboration with renowned universities. The Project was initiated in 2016 by Dr. Dirk Duddeck, dentist and biologist, who is working in this field of research for more than 15 years.


In September 2022, we opened our new office at the Upper East side in Ney York City.  "We are very pleased that Dr. Serota, as a dedicated ambassador of our initiative, will bring awareness of the problem of preventable, manufacture-created contamination of medical devices to the North American dental community. Together with Ken, the Foundation will be able to reach more of our colleagues, as well as implant manufacturers and distributors to foster understanding of the importance of a residue-free implant surface as an indispensable quality criterion," explains Dr. Dirk Duddeck, Managing Director and Head of Research at CleanImplant.



The CleanImplant Foundation is a 100% independent non-profit (charitable) organization according to the German law. According to its statute, CleanImplant specifically pursues no commercial goals. All fundings and revenues of the NPO are basically to be reinvested and used to improve the performance of the organization. The foundation is committed to scientific and financial transparency. That means, all processes of analysis are independent and unbiased, reports for the Trusted Quality Mark for residue-free implant systems are peer-reviewed and even the annual financial report is open to public (find out more here). 

The internationally recognized quality award, the "Trusted Quality" Seal by the CleanImplant Foundation, was created to underline the highest quality of dental implant systems and to give an orientation for all practitioners in the field. Production-site contaminated implants must not longer be accepted!

With the aim to support colleagues with the insight know-how and to protect all patients from avoidable risks with severe consequences, the CleanImplant Foundation certifies also dental practitioners who are committed to the highest quality medicine and are willing to make a difference in choosing wisely the best medical device for their patients. 

Q & A about the CleanImplant Foundation's work

You may find interesting answers about the CleanImplant work in this Q&A section here



Voices of the Experts


 Prof. Dr. Dr. Ralf Smeets, Germany

 CleanImplant Ambassador (GERMAN)

Dr. Miltiadis Mitsias, Greece 

CleanImplant Ambassador (ENGLISH)

Anne-Sofie und Dr. Dr. Steffen Hohl, Germany

CleanImplant Ambassadors (ENGLISH)

Prof. Dr. Hakan Ozyuvaci, Turkey

CleanImplant Ambassador (TURKISH)

Dr. João Pimenta, Portugal

CleanImplant Ambassador (ENGLISH) 

Dr. Saurabh Gupta, India

CleanImplant Ambassador (ENGLISH)

The CleanImplant Scientific Advisory Board

Scientists and key opinion leaders from all over the world support the project with their expertise and experience. The Foundation is proud and honored to present the renown members of the Scientific Advisory Board. In 2017 this group of experts has set the criteria for „clean implants“ 
in a consensus process. The Board not only performs a thorough peer-review 
of comprehensive data of analyses in the "Trusted Quality Mark" awarding process but also controls the scientific outcome and sets the direction 
of the CleanImplant Foundation. 

Prof. Dr. Ann Wennerberg
Prof. Dr. Tomas Albrektsson
Dr. Michael R. Norton
Prof. Dr. Hugo de Bruyn
Univ. Prof. Dr. Florian Beuer
Prof. Dr. Jaafar Mouhyi
Dr. Luigi Canullo
Dr. Scott D. Ganz

CleanImplant Ambassadors

We are very proud of dental professionals from all over the world supporting the project. "CleanImplant Ambassadors" stand for our mission and values and bring their considerable skills and experience to the CleanImplant Foundation. They share this important information in international lectures and scientific articles. Thank you dear friends, for your incredible support and for raising your voice for better quality in implantology! 

Dr. Detlef Hildebrand
Dr. Alexandre-Amir Alarm
Dr. Ashwini Bhalerao
Prof. Dr. Curd Bollen
Dr. Varo Boyer
Prof. Ebru Çal
Dr. Claudio Cacaci
Dr. Tudor Cocerhan
Prof. Dr. Sertan Ergun
Dr. Mohamad El-Moheb
Dr. Peter JM Fairbairn
Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat Ghazi
Prof. Howard Gluckman
Prof. Doctor Raquel Zeta Gomes
Dr. Saurabh Gupta
Ulli Hauschild
Dr. Wim Hobbelilnk
Dr. Irfan Abas
Dr. Sofia Karapataki
Dr. Samy Kettinger
Dr. Mahsa Khaghani
Dr. Jin Kim
Dr. medic. Henriette Lerner
Dr. Jérôme Lipowicz
Dr. Giuseppe Luongo
Dr. Hassan Maghaireh
Dr. Miltiadis E. Mitsias
Prof. Dr. Katalin Nagy
Dr. Sammy Noumbissi
Prof. Dr. Hakan Ozyuvaci
Dr. João Pimenta
Dr. Amit Patel
Dr. Peter Randelzhofer
Prof. Dr. Georg Romanos, DDS, PhD
Dr. Eric-Jan Royakkers
Dr. Michael Scherer
Dr. Ken Serota
Dr. Laurent Sers
Univ. Prof. Dr.Dr. Ralf Smeets
Dr. Bruno Spindler
Dr. Miguel Stanley
Dr. Ira Paul Sy
Dr. Isaac Tawil
Dr. Delia Tuttle
Prof. Dr. Kemal M. Ünsal


The CleanImplant Management Team

Dr. med. dent. Dirk U. Duddeck
Barbara Sonntag

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