The independent Quality Assessment of Dental Implants


"Approved" by CleanImplant

This “Approved by CleanImplant Seal” was established to provide guidance on the outstanding properties of a medical device, digital technology, software, implant care product or on the functionality of a technology that has been proven in accredited testing laboratories or in a comparable manner to support successful clinical outcomes in the field of dental implantology. Please find the award winners here:


Novel vacuum plasma technology for bioactivation of dental implants and  abutments.
ACTILINK™ motion is a vacuum plasma device developed and marketed by Plasmapp. This plasma-cleaning device removes contaminants such as hydrocarbons which leads to better  hydrophilicity and contributes to enhance osseointegration efficacy of implant fixture.
ACTILINK™ has been validated to increase  attachment, proliferation, and differentiation of osteoblast cells as well as the adsorption of protein. Find out more here.


 Based on the 2ingis surgical guide this navigation set provides contaminant-free placement of SDS implants. Find out more here