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Membership Benefits


Quality Information about your Implant System in use

To date, it was nearly impossible for implantologists and dentists around the world to find reliable and independent information regarding the quality and surface cleanliness of their chosen implant system. The CleanImplant Foundation strives to bring transparency to those who most deserve it. Through our SEM and elemental analysis, we execute extensive testing by thoroughly examining the entire surface of the implant. Thus we can precisely locate and identify impurities and unwanted contaminations on the implant surface. CleanImplant Members will get information for up to three different implant types that are in use by the member. 

Personalized Certificate about the Quality of your Implant System 

In order to prove and showcase that your practice strives to provide the best medical treatment for your patients, you will receive a certificate that indicates if your chosen implant system shows a clean surface according to the CleanImplant Consensus paper (download the PDF here). The certificate serves as a reminder to patients and even referral colleagues that your practice is cutting no corners when it comes to patient safety. As this certificate is personalized and specific, your name and the chosen system will both be referred on the document. 

Showcase your Membership

Once you become a Member, the CleanImplant Foundation will issue a membership certificate. This serves for each member to highlight their focus on patient safety and their commitment to meticulous cleanliness in medical devices. This certificate and a digital membership logo are for each member to utilize and market as they wish, to further distinguish them from those who don’t. Upon request, you will receive up to 5 certified Documents for you to display and use as you desire. 

Promotional CleanImplant Video

One of the many benefits of becoming a CleanImplant Member is, of course, to signal to your existing and prospective clients that you care for their health and safety. The Promotional Video takes this a step further and ensures that in addition to the Certificate and Logo, the patients can be reassured in an explanatory video about the problem on the market. It shows that your practice chooses not to let any patients face the risks that untested implant systems may bear. (The video is available Q4 2019).

 Optional Pre-Check on your new Implant System 

Dentists face many options regarding the choice of a dental implant to be used. One of the often overlooked ones is tested cleanliness. By becoming a member, each practitioner can make sure that their chosen implant meets the requirements for surface cleanliness. As someone who truly cares about their patients, this should not be taken lightly. 

Assistance in Case of Unjustified Negligence Claims
We provide an independent and detailed technical report by means of SEM analysis of the implant system in question. This shall be performed by an externally accredited testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. In the unfortunate situation of an unjustified negligence claim, the CleanImplant Foundation seeks to make available the necessary information about the surface of the implant. This time-consuming and costly service is free of charge and will be available to you after the first annual renewal.

CleanImplant Membership Listing
As an addition to the CleanImplant Member Certificate and Logo, each member may be listed in the CleanImplant Register Online, to give patients reliable orientation about what practices care about superior quality medical devices. The optional online listing serves to extend your reach and reputation beyond what’s solely in your control, and as this issue is not going to vanish by itself, it will let you be part of the solution from the beginning. 

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