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It took years to build up your reputation 
as an expert in Implantology. Yet, it can be destroyed by one negligent choice of an implant.

Dr. Dirk Duddeck, Managing Director

Alarming remnants and contaminants on implant surfaces were found in four consecutive quality assessment studies. Most recently not only very cheap and low quality dental implants have been affected. Almost every second implant sample showed disturbing findings in the SEM/EDS analysis, performed by official accredited testing laboratories. However, even implants with massive contaminants passed national regulations. All samples were in sterile packaging and ready to use for implant surgery – supposed to remain in the patient’s bone, at best, for a lifetime.

We will provide you with information you need and your patients deserve.

Our non-for-profit organization is continuously updating the unbiased database of dental implants. We separate implant systems with a high surface quality from those with avoidable impurities. Some companies already follow us, others couldn’t care less, discredit our work or even threaten us with legal actions. 

Thus, we rely on every supporter to sustain and aid our independent work. Your support enables us to carry out more complex research projects and allows us to continue our pursuit. Being a professional in the field of implantology bears a high responsibility. 

Show your patients, that they can trust in you and in your implant system. Avoidable contaminations on dental implants may cause serious problems for every practitioner and patient. Only a strong and growing community of dental professionals can exert the necessary and appropriate pressure for safer products in the current implant market. 

Join the CleanImplant Community and support our quest for better quality in implant dentistry. Help us expose inferior implants, improve your clinical outcome, and protect your patients. 

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1 | CleanImplant Newsletter 

Background information, new Quality Mark awardings and in-depth results of ongoing research projects.

2 | Quality Information about your Implant System in use

Is your chosen implant system clean and safe for your patients? Receive the answer you need.* read more


3 | Personalized Certificate about the Quality of your Implant System

Show patients and referral colleagues if your implant system meets the criteria.* read more

4 | Network of Renown Scientists 

Share your experience with us and benefit from the expertise of international scientists.

5 | Showcase your Membership

Receive certificate and logo as Fellow Member and active supporter. Prove patients and colleagues that you care. read more

6 | Promotional CleanImplant Video

Utilize the illustrative video for patient education purposes (Q4 2019). read more

7 | Benefit from Membership Discount

Join the CleanImplant Congress as a Fellow Member and benefit from the special registration discount.

8 | Optional Pre-Check on your new Implant System 

Get to know that an implant system is clean and safe before you decide to use it. read more

9 | Assistance in Case of Unjustified Negligence Claims

Receive an independent and detailed technical report of your implant system in question. read more

10 | CleanImplant Membership Listing  

Provide patients with reliable orientation that you care for medical devices of superior quality. read more

 *) The information is based on the continually growing database of analyses in the framework of the current quality assessment studies with data of more than 100 top  implant brands. If the requested implant brand is not on file, we will contact you in order to possibly add the requested brand to our database.. Information for multiple implant systems, multiple practitioners in one practice, or clinics with more than three dentists, is available on request.

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