Clean Implant

the global quality campaign


Image above shows osteblast (6-8µm) attached to the surface of a titanium implant, SEM 5000x.



Scanning electron microscope PHENOM ProX used for material contrast imaging by backscattered electrons and qualitative / quantitative elemental analysis (EDX)

Note:  Data and images shown in this database are based on 
single implant analyses performed early 2014 until end of 2015


For the comprehensive quality assessment in the framework of the CleanImplant quality mark awarding process 5 different implants from each implant type will be analyzed by means of SEM and elemental analysis. Some manufacturers already decided to undergo the new test criteria in 2017. These tests are pending. Results and images of implants with the CleanImplant quality mark will be published in 4th quarter of 2017.

Gallery  (in Process)
Examples of Implants (Production Date 2012-2015) with no or only minor residues

Note: All quantitative and qualitative elemental analyses data shown in this gallery are based on full area-analysis in a SEM magnification of 2500x.
Implants already applied for the "CleanImplant Quality Mark 2017/2018" (new analysis process with 5 samples is pending) are indicated with an asterisk (*). 
If not indicated otherwise SEM images and EDX analysis data shown in this gallery are based on a research study 2014-2015. The complete report (released April 2016) with 822 pages and 2.950 SEM images of 135 different implants (95 brands) including 150 qualitative and quantitative elemental analyses can be ordered for a fee (PDF or printed version). 
BTI | Interna IIPA *
MegaGen | AnyRidge *
MIS | V3 *
Natural Dental Implants | REPLICATE *
NucleoOss | T4 (Tpure) *
ROOTT | compressive type *
Southern | IB i *
Anthogyr | Axiom
Camlog | Screwline
Keystone | Genesis
Medentika | M-Implant (Microcone)
Neodent | Titamax
Osstem | TSIII SA
Straumann | Pure Ceramic